What is E Howard Co.?

E Howard Co Professional Innovations est. May 12, 2014, is a social benefit company committed to addressing the issue of underexposure to career exploration and leadership development opportunities in communities of color. Founded in 2014 with headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota this business is moved by building partnerships with engaged leaders and experts in the community to help professionals and business owners by sharing insight and resources.


Energized by working with new professionals and emerging leaders to engage their interests and act on their ambitions – our staff are passionate about professional enhancement as well as education and exposure to unpopular examples of wealth development.


Excellence in any industry is achieved through artisanship, and anyone who will commit to perfecting the craft of their industry will achieve goals well beyond the conservative aspirations of their disengaged counterparts. E Howard Co. meets a powerful commitment with access to a growing network of businesses, associations and individuals seeking opportunities to develop new relationships.

Engage. Empower. Elevate.

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