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These materials are developed to encourage your team to get a clear understanding of their personal aspirations and take action on continuously and passionately moving forward in all that they are meant to acheive.

The Opposite of Glory


As leaders driven by purpose & passion we work hard to find our place in creating positive impact for and with our community. The author had to learn the hard way to avoid people and organizations that try to fulfill a need that they don't have the capacity to serve. 

This is the first chapter in a small series - Memoirs of an Amateur Philosopher is a collection of memories shared from the author's life; a social entrepreneur, dedicated leader and committed family man. In chapter one he opens up about the pursuit of excellence and shares some insight on why those who chase glory rather than working toward excellence always come up empty handed.


Casting the Vision


A number of resources have been collected and pieced together into a quick booklet that can be used to assist you with understanding what it means to have a vision and how to put it into action. Setting clear, ambitious and realistic goals can be a complex task. This workbook was developed to assist in taking the first step toward great accomplishment – setting the right goals.